Love is the Medicine

the Album is out on all platforms

The first full length album from the duo. The sound of Wadada is solidified on this journey and the soundscapes encapsulate all the experiences that have brought them to this point in their lives. From plant medicine to protest to deep explorations into manhood and what that looks like in a new paradigm. Like the previous albums "Love is the Medicine" is a musical experience and journey.

Ancients... on the new album "love is the medicine"

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Reclaimer's Spotlight - Darut Negus McGregor

Watch "Negus" Darut sit down with Tam Orlando as a part of  her Reclaimer's Spotlight. He speaks on his deep appreciation for Men's Work and how plant medicine has played a big role in his growth and self development. tap into this real conversation and get to know Darut better and get some insight into what drives him and his process.

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